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Direct Meats

Knights Farm
Swan Street

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Tel: 01787 223364

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The Chinese were preserving and salting pork bellies around 1500BC

Goats' eyes have rectangular pupils.

CSR Policy

The CSR is our self-regulating mechanism where we monitor and ensure our compliance and statutory regulations not only comply with law but go beyond. Our aim is to increase long term profits and reduce risks by taking responsibility for corporate actions. We want to make a positive impact on the environment and for all stakeholders.

Benefits include a developed workforce, a boost in innovation and enthusiasm, enhanced trust, and increased reputation. The CSR forms part of the company’s strategy for addressing issues through policies and procedures and we believe that effective management is vital to employee wellbeing.


Direct Meats is a strong local Colchester business, we are a profitable company which benefits for the local community by enhancing environment and local employment. We boost local farming and other local businesses. A weak, unprofitable business is undesirable for the local community as little investment can be made in these areas.

Our customer database does not only include local areas, we also supply directly into London, UK wide via courier and also export to countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Finland, Channel Islands and the Seychelles to mention a few. We supply Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay restaurants as well as prestige establishments such as the Dorchester and the Ritz.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Responsible Procurement

We are still open for business, and we have a new online food store open at