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Cows were first domesticated for beef in the regions of Greece and Turkey about 4,000 years ago.

To get the same amount of zinc found in 3 oz. of beef, you would have to consume five 8 oz. glasses of milk and three 4 oz. cans of tuna.

COHOC - Charity fundraising.

Martin Blackwell, CEO of Direct Meats Ltd is raising money for a charity called COHOC and stands for Colchester Hospitals Charity, and he is raising it specifically for the new cancer centre which they are going to build above the radiotherapy
centre which was opened two years ago.

Pigs do not have sweat glands, hence they roll in mud to keep themselves cool.

The Old English word pygg referred to a type of clay used for making all kinds of household objects, including pots for storing money.

A sheep cannot get up from laying on its back.

SPAM gets its name from 'spiced ham'.