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Ben Rigby
Kobe Beef
British Native Breeds
Norfolk Quail

The beautiful flavour of Dingley Dell comes from the breeds used, great animal health and welfare and a stress-free environment.

Certified Welsh saltmarsh lamb and beef is fully traceable, and has a very distinctive flavour. This is, in part, due to the unique fauna on the marshes including samphire, sea purslane and sparta grasses.

With its inherent marbled fat allowing that melt in your mouth experience, to the delicious flavour and tenderness offered by Wagyu beef, it truly is a wonderful product.

We are first and only catering butcher in the UK licensed to import the prestigious Tajima cattle born and raised in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, that is known the world over as Kobe Beef.

The British Native Breeds project is all about celebrating the traditional breeds of the UK which have been unchanged for centuries.

Quail meat is becoming increasingly popular in Great Britain and is an extremely versatile meat. Quail is a small bird, sweet and succulent and packed with flavour.

Creedy Carver birds are fed a low density GM free, additive and antibiotic free diet to allow slower growth, greater maturity and better flavour.

Real free range food prepared to exacting standards for the most discerning customer.

All cattle used in the Dedham Vale brand are selected from suckling herds reared here in East Anglia. using traditional animal welfare and husbandry techniques.

Welsh Saltmarsh Lamb and Beef
Dingley Dell Pork
Creedy Carver Poultry
Dedham Vale Beef
Japanese Wagyu Beef

A sheep cannot get up from laying on its back.