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Ben Rigby
Kobe Beef
British Native Breeds
Norfolk Quail
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The British Native Breeds project is all about celebrating the traditional breeds of the UK which have been unchanged for centuries. It is these breeds and the stewardship of the farmers who look after them that shape the way the English countryside looks. Our ethos is to source products at the pinnacle of provenance raised through generations of traditional breeding excellence.

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Breeds included within the British Native Breeds project are Lincoln Red, South Devon, Red Poll, Belted Galloway, British Longhorn, Hereford and Aberdeen Angus.

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British Native Breeds beef is aged in our temperature controlled dry aging rooms that have high ceilings which allow for good dry air circulation; this provides the perfect conditions in which to dry age our beef on the bone. The aging period can be between 10 – 40 days dependent upon the fat cover of the meat being aged and the intensity of the flavour required, good fat cover on beef minimises discolouration. By using this time honoured method we are able to produce the most spectacular flavour and texture, you will not be disappointed!

Why Grass fed is best......

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Grass fed beef contains higher levels of beneficial nutrients such as zinc, iron, phosphorous, sodium and potassium. Grass fed beef far surpasses grain fed beef as it contains considerably more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals too.

With three types of saturated fat found in red meat; stearic acid, palmitic acid and myristic acid, grass fed beef consistently contains a higher proportion of stearic acid, which does not raise cholesterol levels and contains lower proportions of palmitic and myristic acid which are more likely to raise cholesterol.

Welsh Saltmarsh Lamb and Beef
Dingley Dell Pork
Creedy Carver Poultry
Dedham Vale Beef
Japanese Wagyu Beef

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