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Ben Rigby
Kobe Beef
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Dedham Vale Beef is produced from the finest British livestock, where possible using traditional British breeds such as Angus cross, Hereford cross, Red Poll and South Devon supported by quality continental breeds such as Limousin crosses.

We work alongside farmers and producers using traditional animal welfare & husbandry techniques. With the food ration being 50% forage based, our farmers and supply chain help us select the correct grade of beef needed to meet the Dedham Vale trade mark standards of quality, health, taste, flavour and safety. These standards are achieved by the adoption of best practice in production, procurement and processing.

Upon delivery into our storage area, the beef is then graded again by our quality team. We select the most marbled cuts of the correct size and conformation for our customers, which are naturally matured on the carcase at Direct Meats for a minimum of between 21 to 28 days in our strict temperature controlled maturation room. It is then broken down into primal cuts, vacuum sealed and labelled in special 90 micron bags to hold the maturing process for another 5 to 15 days depending on customer requirements. This allows us to monitor and control stock so our prime beef is always available in weekly variable Volumes.

Our handpicked matured beef is selected in accordance with the EUROP grading, with all selected beef in the range attaining conformation (shape and development of the carcass) of an O+,R, or U grade. This denotes product from an animal of excellent quality, marbling and fat content.

Dedham Vale beef, is a registered trademark brand, not a fixed region. 

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Salame is singular, while Salami is plural.

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