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Ben Rigby
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British Native Breeds
Norfolk Quail
Norfolk Quail

Delicious, fresh and extremely tasty – that’s how the Savory family describe their fantastic product, Norfolk Quail. We are delighted to be able to offer you the chance to buy quail reared with provenance, passion and higher level environmental management.

Norfolk Quail

Quail meat is becoming increasingly popular in Great Britain and is used by many ‘celebrity chefs’ as seen on television in recent years. An extremely versatile meat; it can be roasted, barbecued, pan fried or baked; used on its own, or served in salads, risottos, curries and pies, it has many uses. Quail is a small bird, sweet and succulent and packed with flavour.


All their birds are produced to high welfare standards and fed on a corn rich diet. The birds are dry plucked and not bled, a method similar to french produce and popular with chefs.

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