Request Data Removal

If you are looking to have any data removed from our systems in accordance with GDPR regulations, we can do this for you. This process can take up to 28 days. Use the email below to request data removal from our databases and systems. 

Read about what data we process here at Direct Meats on our privacy policy here.

By emailing a request, you are requesting a member of staff to select any and all data held under the same name and credentials as you enter within your email in persuance to the Data Protection Act 2018. Staff can only remove data that is linked to the exact details you enter within the email, so if required, please mention other items of data within your message.

The data held in accordance with this website is stated in our Privacy Policy, data held in accordance with our Direct Foodstore website is treated separately, please request removal using facilities provided on that site if this is what you require.

This process can take up to 28 days so please allow time for your request to be actioned.

If you just have questions about your data, you can contact us here instead.

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