How we do our bit

At Direct Meats it is of utmost importance to us to progress business while looking after our planet. We take it upon ourselves to introduce clean business practices throughout many departments of the company.

Much of our work is based on environment.

A lot of our productivity at Direct Meats is based off of the environment, which is why we prioritise looking after the planet that we call home. The above are just examples of a few steps we take to look after the environment, which we consider a duty of ours. If you have any questions you can get in touch to speak to one of the team.

Biomass Boiler

We have an on-site biomass boiler which is used to heat our staff facilities and water, and reduces our carbon footprint by around 180.5 tonnes per year.

Euro-6 Engines

Currently, all of our delivery van fleet are equipped with Euro-6 engines, offering the lowest possible emissions.

Delivery Schedules

We try to reduce the number of deliveries that we run to as low as possible, by encouraging customers to order larger and less frequently.

Planting Trees

We introduced a tree planting program transforming an 8 acre area to the south of our site, encouraging wildlife.

A Million Bees

In partnership with our friends at Dingley Dell Pork, we ensure that we feed at least 1 million bees per year.


We recycle our reusable plastics, cardboards and other materials from our factory through James Heyes & Sons.

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