Dingley Dell Cured

Partnership for Taste & Quality

Dingley Dell Cured is a partnership between Direct Meats and Dingley Dell Pork, formed to create an exceptional, artisan range of fermented sausages and air-dried whole muscle cuts.

Pure Red Duroc Pigs

The pigs are bred and reared with outstanding welfare and sustainability standards which we feel translates into brilliantly vibrant and bespoke-smokey flavours when coupled with our superb curing processes.

The Process

In keeping with our impeccable approach to animal welfare and sustainability, we utilise bespoke Italian-designed curing chambers and a team with countless years experience to bring you the industry-leading delicious Dingley Dell Cured range.

We utilise the whole carcasses of pure Red Duroc Pigs, bred and reared sustainably on the East Suffolk coast.

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