Dry Aged Beef

Our Dry Aged Beef

We have a superb reputation across the globe for our mouth-watering dry aged beef. With notably famous chefs and establishments adopting our unbeatable dry aged range.

There are many steps involved in making this delicious product.


It starts with Butchering & Selection.

We take the best from our natural flavour beef, and produce all primal cuts and portions, which are then packed into state of the art vaccum bags.


Next, the dry ageing.

Our specially designed dry aging rooms keep the beef at 1 – 2 °C with a humidity control of 75 – 80%. We also have ultra-violet lighting that eliminate any unwanted bacteria.

Tender and Tasty.

Our Process allows an improvement in tenderness and quality.

The Breakdown.

The proteins are made up of complex sugars, the dry aging breaks down the sugars creating a variety of different nutty and unique flavours.

Bespoke Ageing.

Our unique aging room allows enzymic breakdown of the meat proteins.

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