The Million Bee Project

Each year, in partnership with Dingley Dell Pork, we feed 1 Million bumblebees.

On site at Direct Meats not only do we hand butcher all of our Meats we also have our very own dedicated curing rooms. Having these rooms on site allows our resident chef to create our very own cures, this enables us to make artisan Dingley Dell bacons, gammons and hams to name a few products.

It's our duty.

Eco-systems lie at the heart of our foundation, we must sustain habitat and encourage prosperity amongst the creatures and animals that pollinate the fields that home livestock.

We think of it as part of our Corporate Social Responsiblity to help co-ordinate for a healthier, happier and more prosperous environment for our animals, which is why we are committed to assisting Dingley Dell in the One Million Bee Project.

“I so appreciate this important initiative: providing food for a million bees is an incredible aim. I’ve visited Dingley Dell and applaud Mark & Paul Hayward and Martin Blackwell for their enthusiasm and commitment to animal welfare and the environment.”

Follow the bees and their journey on Instagram: @amillionbeesonfarm

Our aims:

338,000 m²

Plantation of 338,000 square meters of nectar mix – the equivalent of 83 football pitches.


To continue the development of our rotational system alongside our pork production, allowing us to grow both grass and wildflower mixes.

To Gain Support

To continue to promote our project with the aim to gain support from customers, partners and other farmers.

What we have achieved:

To Feed and Support

To feed , support and enhance the number of bumblebees across the farm.


Huge diversity of bumblebees and other wildlife on farm.


We’ve achieved a great population of bees, with now over 12 bumblebees per square meter!

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