Specialist Beef

Our Specialist Beef Ranges

Friesian Ex Dairy

Hand selected 8-12 year old retired dairy cows from the Peak District. Very yellow in colour, good fat coverage and ages well.

Chocolate-fed Beef

Finnish Ayrshire grass fed beef who eat around 0.5kg of chocolate per day - resulting in a deep dark colour, nutty/gamey flavour and rich beef flavour - won 3 gold medals at world steak challenge.

Galician Blond

17-20 year old Rubia Gallega cows from Northern Spain - available year round in steak cuts only.

Japanese Wagyu

All grades and cuts available. We buy from Kagoshima - the Wagyu Olympics Gold Medal winner. Cows are grain finished for minimum 800 days and comes with nose print certificate.

Mrs Wagyu

Ungraded beef with a marble score of 4-7 - just as tender as A4 or A5but without the heavy price tag of the Japanese Grading process.


We buy Prime and Choice grade beef from the United States with a 150-300 day grainfed diet resulting in rich creamy flavours and tender meat.

Spanish Grainfed

Miguel Vergara 300 day spanish grainfed beef available bone-in - perfect for dry aging.

Prussian Black Bavarian Beef

from the Swiss/German mountains - exquisitely marbled beef with clean, grass fed notes.

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