The Curing Process

On site at Direct Meats not only do we hand butcher all of our Meats we also have our very own dedicated curing rooms. Having these rooms on site allows our resident chef to create our very own cures, this enables us to make artisan Dingley Dell bacons, gammons and hams to name a few products.

Hand-Selected Meat

Our butchers hand select every single leg, loin or belly used for our cured products. Ensuring the same quality is consistently held in all our cured products. The primals are hand butchered and trimmed before reaching the curing rooms.

The Curing Room

Once the products have reached the curing rooms they are divided into the different cures and products needed. Different cures require different methods of application. Our dry cure is just that, made up of predominately salt, is applied to the external faces of the product. Our Wiltshire cure, however, is injected into our product and then left to cure for a set number of days to do it’s work.

Curing takes time and patience but can transform already fantastic pork to something we really think is worth shouting about. 

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