Our Cooked Meats

Martin Blackwell is constantly looking for ways to invest back into Direct Meats. One of these many investments was the installation of our cooking and smoking facilities as well as our “High Risk Cooked Area”. This enables us to take a raw ingredient and take it the whole way through the process ready for you to eat out of the pack!



Only the finest of produce makes the cut to become one of our cooked, ready to eat products. Our master butchers hand select each pork leg for each Dingley Dell Ham, Frankfurter or Kaiserkrainer, each duck leg for our very own recipe Confit duck leg and each silverside for our homemade cooked salt beef. Ensuring we hand select provides consistency in every product we cook.



Once the primals are selected they each have their own recipe to be adhered to – created by our own resident chef. They then will proceed to be entered in to the chamber to be smoked or cooked, or even sometimes both! Once the products are cooked to perfection they then exit the chamber on the other side – this ensures “High Risk” foods and raw meat products never cross paths.

The products then are cooled, some are sliced and then packed by our “High Risk” experts!

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